Settling In

We are officially settling into our new home. There are still items we have to get from the old place but we've spent three nights in the new one. Right now my life is unpacking, putting away, organizing and adjusting. It's been rough and I am exhausted. I am sort of in a funk today and I think it's because I want to let go of the old place already but I can't until we get every last item out plus clean it. Then the cathartic breath will be released and I can say goodbye to the past six years of my life.

Since I am crabby today, much like a baby who hasn't had a nap, I will instead focus on five things that I am grateful for at this moment.

1) Our new home
2) Two and 1/2 bathrooms -  Makes my life sooo much easier!
3) Finally over my cold and feeling almost 100%
4) Looking forward to setting up the studio again so we can finish the album now that my voice is back.
5) Falling asleep on the couch and having Brian wake me up to walk me up the stairs to put me to bed. It's kind of a ritual:)

I cannot wait to be completely unpacked! I know it will take some time. I am forcing myself to donate some of my stuff that I don't really use or wear. Letting go is tough but it is also very liberating. I also want to start an acoustic blog series where I perform one of my songs. Once I get settled, I will add this to my blog to-do list.


  1. You guys are moving fast.... Congrats Shaharoh...I am glad you have your surreal voice back :). When you find a little peace maybe you'll oblige us with some photos of your mighty abode :). kitchen, the large bath, the sleepy couch and all :)> Kisses and take one step at a time.

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