Abode Welcoming

Our abode-welcoming aka housewarming party was great! I had so much fun and am so thankful for the special people we have in our lives. Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos but I lived the moment and sometimes that's more important then snapping a photo at every second.

Here's a photo of our living room - the qualities sucks and it doesn't do our house justice. This was taken right before Halloween. The house has come a LONG way since then.

My mom's 50th birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year. How special is that? I am such a Mommy's girl (I'm also a Daddy's girl too since I am the only girl) and I cannot wait to celebrate this milestone with her. She is a unique, an inspirer and an all-around fun person to be around.

Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving! If you're physically participating in Black Friday (which I'm not) please be extra safe. There's some crazies out there and I don't want anyone getting trampled upon. 


  1. Oh sweet and lovely Shaharoh I've really missed you..Your living room looks amazinggggggggg, it's my taste...and you are prettier than ever :). I am sure you'll share more pics of your house :).

  2. Oh your new abode is looking so sweet and cozy. There is really no place like home.


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