My mom's birthday was beautiful! We drove to Temecula and stayed at the Temecula Creek Inn. We ate, drank (I love my mom's Tequila face), laughed, stuffed ourselves with cake, gambled at Pechanga Casino and reveled in the lush greenery that surrounded us. It was a much needed getaway and a refreshing way to celebrate Thanksgiving. Her birthday was so special. She is my hero and a timeless person. Here's a few pics, Enjoy!


  1. This is amazing! Your mom is gorgeous! I am so happy you had so much fun with her...

  2. You are so sweet! Thank you Introvert! xoxo!

  3. This amazing lady cannot be your mom, actually she can't be anyone's mom, she is YOUNGGGGG. You said well, she is timeless. I beg of you please, tell me her secret...!!!! Happy Birthday diva-mom!


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