The Piano

 *Photo by: Brian*

Whenever I feel lost, confused, or upset, I return to the platform that calms me. I return to what I know, what I feel and what feeds my soul. No judgment, no harshness, no bias--only music and my fingers.

**Very happy about the election. I voted for Obama and will stand by him for the next years fours.**


  1. yeah, Obama voter here too!!!! I wish I could play an instrument or sing well. Music is to me one of the most amazing things ever to come to life. It changes my mood from lousy to excited or from excited to calm. Amazing.

  2. love that photo...and being with music is a beautiful place for me as well.

    -new follower-

    ~Chymere Anais

  3. Oh it was so nice seeing a comment from you thank you. I wish I could play piano it would be relaxing and anything that makes your soul dance is what is needed. You look amazing.
    Love Obama, I am Canadian we have a lot of the same beliefs as he does. Rich/poor well hungry kid here so you know how I think.:) Thank you. Take care. B


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