Today's Snapshot

My lovely friend Adelia took me to one of the many Pho restaurants called Pho 999 down the street where we live. Since I stray away from red meat, I ordered the chicken soup not knowing what was in store for my taste buds. I was blown away by the simple way of which different ingredients are mixed in order to create an overall flavor that is so rich. The mint, with noodles, chicken, onions, fish sauce, hot sauce and a touch of lime do wonders in my mouth. I could literally drink the broth alone everyday and never tire of it. She and I eat here together at least once a week, if not more independently. Today I am having leftover soup from last night for breakfast which says a lot because if you know me, you know how much I love a more traditional breakfast meal. (In America at least) But when I like a soup, it makes my belly feel good. It makes me feel warm inside and any worry I have diminishes. I fill myself with goodness and hope it spreads over everyone this quiet Sunday morning.


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