Today's Snapshot

I have this thing where I sit around and try to come up with concepts. I twist letters in my head, looking for acronyms, anagrams or I put words together such as "life between living" to see what I can create. Two common traits in the women of my family are petite noses and full lips hence the term Spilgibesonllams which is "small nose, big lips" backwards. My mom says it's because we have Irish in our blood so she calls us black leprechauns! High cheekbones also runs in my family and it's cool to know that my great-grandparents on both sides were a mix between Black, Irish and Blackfoot Indian. 

Having a small nose has its privileges as I'm able to were a nose ring that pretty much goes unnoticed. One downside is because I hardly have a bridge, my glasses tend to slide down onto the tip of my nose at night when I take my contacts off. Of course, it seems like nowadays everyone wants big lips and I can't say I'd trade mine for anything. What I will say is that with the wrong lip color, my lips stand out quite a bit and if I get a bump, all hell breaks loose. Getting one means I might as well were a bandanna or medicine mask around my face if I decide to venture out into public places. My lip gets swollen and Mount Vesuvious prepares for eruption. Ewww...
Truly though, we are all beautiful and unique and I love discovering the features I share with my family and ancestors.


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