My mom continually teaches and reminds me that when people say something negative about you it is only a reflection of how they feel about themselves. This is not a situation where you have sought out criticism but a situation where you have not and someone offers it out of the blue. It's almost like coasting on a flying carpet, happily looking around at the world and suddenly hitting the top of a pyramid, finding yourself rolling down the side. It's also like walking along a straight road, gazing at the scenery and suddenly tripping in a hole you had no idea was there.

For me, that is what this criticism feels like. When it grazes my skin, her words of wisdom spread across my soul and heart and give me flight if I feel like I've fallen. They transform my disappointment into prayer and I only hope that people who criticize others for no reason find their flying carpet or happy road with no unexpected bumps or potholes. If you're religious, this is when you go to church and pray for someone. If you're spiritual, then is when you meditate, get centered and breathe positive energy into the atmosphere hoping it can bring balance to their universe. When you have reached the point when you are completely in touch with the power of your heart, mind and thoughts, nothing can penetrate you.

We are all mirrors.  
"The mind is everything, what you think you become" - Buddha


  1. Your Mom's a very wise woman, and her words will save you many a future heartache.

  2. Awesome post! When people say negative things about others, they are just projecting how they feel.

  3. Nothingprofound - Thank you for your profound comment:)

    Thanks for reading Kevin - you are so right!

  4. Insightful, honest, and refreshing post.

    You know what they say, "What you see is what you get" and in your case when you look in the Mirror I pray you see the beauty we all do.

    Keep striving to enLighten your mind and See Your World Light Up. And as you do continue to shed some of it on us so we too can be Prisms, if you will, in your Mirror.



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