The Number 2 Newlywed Question

I say number two because the number one question has to do with having children right away. People who know me know that I absolutely love children but they also know I'd like to wait a couple of years before I start having them.

Now on to the second question which is...

"Do you feel different now that you're married?"

The answer...yes and no.

The "no" part has to deal with us living together for awhile (years) before we got married. We are used to each other's way of living and habits so this hasn't really changed except for the fact that we are now a married couple living together. For me, it's like driving down a highway that once had no outline and now the lines are defined and clear. Or wearing glasses and then putting contacts on for the first time. Things were visible and my life was heading somewhere but now there is a clear distinction of who we are and that we are heading there together and I love it.

The "yes" part has to deal with family. Even though we don't have kids yet, we are a family and I love saying things like "Family night" or "Family Time". The continuation of our parents--a history that is living on and becoming greater as we progress makes me feel connected to his family and he to mine--our family tree has grown in size and strength.

I always imagined my life but I never knew how the pieces would fit and it's turning out to be the greatest piece of art I could have ever imagined.


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