Autumn Beauty

As my favorite season approaches, I feel inspired to create a small bucket list. As much as I love autumn, it usually zooms by and all the things I say I'm going to do end up pushed so far away until winter's gloom sets in.

But now that I actually have more time, I can take advantage of autumn's beauty and cross a few things off of this list:

- Read some of "The Elegance of the Hedgehog" on a blanket under a tree.
- Stomp on as many leaves as possible when walking or running.
- Laugh uncontrollably at Knott's Scary Farm with family and friends.
- Buy some combat boots and rock them with an orange or green scarf
- Actually carve some pumpkins and not just let them sit out until they               rot like last year, lmao.
- Visit my favorite spots and get lost in the scenery aka Reseda, Skirball, SRF.
- Go camping. 
- Find a bench like the one in the picture, sit there for hours, people watching
  or listening to my favorite tunes. (Contemplating our universe may roam
  into my mind from time to time.)

There it is. My small bucket list that I aim to complete before the dreary, cold embers of winter's melancholy invade my heart on December 21. (As you suspect, I hate winter!)
Carpe Autumnus!


  1. The combat boots may be crossed off soon!

  2. The only things I like about winter are my son's birthday (12/30), and Christmas. Other than that... UGH.

    I can't believe how fast summer went by this year.

  3. Aww, your son is a New Year's baby, that is precious! Honestly, I have never spent a winter in the midwest or east coast so I don't know the full extent of the gloom but I did visit Germany in the winter and it was COLD.


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