Tonight's Bike Ride...

Was a last minute decision. I had extremely bad cramps and was about to lay up on the couch like a bear possibly with a heating pad. Somehow, my mind changed abruptly and getting a workout in convinced me I'd feel better. With Brian's help, (he puts my bicycle in the truck even though I can do it--it's really sweet! Go ahead make throw up noises, lol) I was on my way to the lake in no time.

The first half of the bike ride was a breeze! Radiohead in my ears, biking gloves on, the trees, the wind and the moon following me. I was flying! Mosquitoes were cussing me out 'cause they couldn't penetrate my forehead.

Then all of a sudden, I hit the second half of my ride and Dayum! I really had to push. It was almost completely dark and I could feel the laziness creeping into my hamstrings. My feet felt so heavy like I was riding through a tar pit but I wasn't giving up.

A quick song change to some Thrice and I chased the moon back to my car. My cramps feel so much better and now I can resume my "bear-like" activities after I wash the dishes. Wait a minute! Animals don't wash dishes!


  1. You are so good fighting through that lazy bear feeling. You go girl, i'll continue being a bear.

  2. Lol, Steph! I try. You're a hiking, boxing, cooking bear who inspires me:)


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