Organics and Sprints

I started this morning out on a high because I looked outside the bathroom window and saw the trees in the front yard illuminated by the golden rays of morning. As I was putting moisterizer on my face, I decided to take a picture of it to show my latest endeavor of going organic. I had quite the scare reading about how many things are bad for the skin and since I was running out of moisterizer, I decided to find one that had natural ingredients. Luckily I found it at Target! It wasn't expensive and I know a certain someone I live with dabbles in it too. (I find this adorable actually!) So I got ready and packed my gym bag because I made the decision last night to add sprints to my workout to shake things up. Today was the first day and to be honest, I was quite disappointed at how slow I ran. Mind you the wind was blowing towards me and it was uphill so maybe a couple of factors contributed to this slowness but it motivated me to want to get better. I went to this place my friend, Adelia, introduced me to off of Reseda Blvd. I usually go there to watch the sunset because it overlooks the hills in the valley and it's a great place to get a piece of mind due to how quiet it is. You can't even hear traffic on Ventura Blvd. As I ran today I thought of how beautiful being in a place like this was and how much the gym shelters people from truly enjoying what the outside world has to offer. When you workout in the open air it's you versus the world. There's no waiting for a machine, no sweaty machines to wipe off and no distractions. It's just you in sneakers, a big hill, the sun, the sky, the clouds, the birds and lots of heart.


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