What's Important?

My brother asked me this the other day. What is the most important thing to me in life? It's weird because there is so much I desire to do. So many places I want to be and see. So many songs and performances...So many stories I want to write. But in reality, if I had to chose between those things and my family --there'd be no choice. After a couple of days of going through this in my head - thinking about if making cds, touring the world and being a best-selling author, winning awards - was truly what was important to me, I came to the conclusion that when I'm with my family- the feeling I have is just as great as performing on stage or acting in class. I'm not saying these things aren't fulfilling because they can be at times. It's just that this past Christmas was the best Christmas I've had in a long time - because I spent it with my family and we hadn't all been together for a long time. Seeing my mom and my brother at holidays and planning to meet up in exotic locales or even just Montana is how I'd like to spend my days. On that list of New Year's resolutions, I'll start with how much time I want to spend with them and everything else will follow. It's so weird because you have to keep jamming these thoughts into your head, especially when you're working hard at work or dwelling on how much money you don't have or where you're life is heading as you approach another decade. When my mind and heart are heavy, I have to slow down and remember that what I deem important will put everything else in focus. If I know that I get to be with my family next year, then I know I'll be able to do anything. They inspire me with hope and shower me with so much love.


  1. you think too much it's as simple as the child playing next door, he was trying to hit a ball with his baseball bat by himself by throwing it in the air and swinging, he counldn't do it so he smack the ball when it fell to the ground, my point is if life gets too complicated smack it when it falls to the ground......... you are God and God is in you just like the seasons know when to change so does your spirit knows to change and just as we trust the sun is behind the clouds on an over cast day trust that you are loved by him or her....renny


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