Saturday Night Ride

I usually go for my daily bike ride just as the sun begins to set. The weather is perfect at this time in the San Fernando Valley because it is neither too hot nor too cold. On this past Saturday, however, the daredevil in me decided that instead of not going at all, I went just as the light had almost disappeared from the sky altogether. Halfway during my ride, it was completely dark and I relished this moment. I felt like my 10 year-old self again riding around the neighborhood pretending to be a high-profile detective searching for clues. My headlight lit the path and occasionally I passed another biker or a jogger and peddled harder just so I could be alone again. My eyes were fixed yet moving. My legs drew circles and the wheels followed. All I could think about was how close to nature I was and how I must remember to be a kid again at least for an hour each day.


  1. Your writing is so beautiful, I was there with you in this little paragraph.


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