Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Bliss

This weekend was a blast. On Friday, I went to a goodbye party for a dear friend of mine and watched this movie I'd never heard of called, "The Midnight Meat Train" and let's just say it ain't beef they're talking about. On Saturday, I went to the beach with Brian, got some much needed relaxation and then watched "Halloween 2". Now why did do that? Seriously, why do I always say I don't watch scary movies and then turn around and see one? It really didn't affect me until I woke up in the middle of the night to a dark and silent house. I kept the tv on until 4am and it was all because my mind was vivid with images of Michael Myers...lmao. I think what scares me most is when it's a real person who is the killer. As soon as we got out of the movie I told Brian we should look into getting some form of protection. I figure if some crazy dude's coming for you and you have a shotgun, there's nothing to fear, right? Unless you're dealing with some supernatural being but I won't go into that. Anyhow, so on Sunday evening, I went to this stand-up comedy show that my good friend, Rosa, performed in and had soo much fun. She cracked me up and her skit touched upon some funny and interesting subjects. I think one of my favorite lines was when she said something like, "Yeah, so I'm in college getting my degree so I can become unemployed." I was dying! It really sucks that it's like that when you get out of college - and probably more so now than ever due to the recession. There were two other comics that I really enjoyed - this lady who sold funeral plots and a special guest comic who was a British black woman. They both had me in tears. After the show, we hung out at a bar and when I went home besides feeling a little lurky, I felt happy - the laughter, the good friends, the conversation and fun were the perfect touches to an already awesome set of three nights and two days.

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  1. Aww hahahaha Grow some balls woman- that way you won't be as scared. lol jk